“A Beautiful Night for Fishing”


This photo was taken in Pundaquit, Philippines. I was a beautiful night and I was on the beach with my family. Whenever I’m somewhere that I know I want to shoot, I always make note of the direction of the sun and where it will set. Depending upon how long we’ll be there I’ll do my best to estimate the time when I’ll get the best light. The golden hour (or so) before sunset and the hour or two after sunrise in the morning gives us photographers the best light to shoot with. It’s warm and inviting. The shadows give our scene texture and drama. We can create interesting silhouettes by placing the sun behind our subjects and by metering for the highlights in a scene. When shooting landscapes and scenics always try to be at your location during those golden hours to get the best light.

This photo was taken during that evening “Golden Hour”. It was taken with a slight telephoto to compress the depth of field and to make the area’s of interest closer to the viewer. The sunset was enhanced with a sunset filter which dramatized the warming effect of the low sun. The image placement of the boat was done intentionally, using one of the four “Intersecting Points of Interest” which I’ll explain in a future post. Ordinarily I’d like to place the horizon more off-center using the “Rule of Thirds” when composing the shot but sometimes the elements of a view will not make that possible. Just as with the “Intersecting Points of Interest”, I’ll be writing a future post that will explain the rule of thirds. I like this image and hope you like this image as well.